Liqo can be uninstalled by leveraging the dedicated liqoctl command:

liqoctl uninstall

Alternatively, the same operation can be performed directly with Helm:

helm uninstall liqo --namespace liqo


Due to current limitations, the uninstallation process might hang in case peerings are still established, or namespaces are selected for offloading. To this end, liqoctl performs a set of pre-checks and aborts the process in case any of the above is found, requesting the administrator to unpeer all clusters and unoffload all namespaces with the dedicated liqoctl commands.

Purge CRDs

By default, the uninstallation process does not remove the Liqo CRDs and the system namespaces. These operations can be performed by adding the --purge flag:

liqoctl uninstall --purge